One Perfect Shot: The Newsletter is Coming Soon

What is One Perfect Shot?

You may know One Perfect Shot as a popular Twitter account. That’s certainly where things started. The account was launched in 2013 by Portland-based filmmaker Geoff Todd as an outlet for celebrating his favorite cinematic moments. In 2016, Todd sought new ownership for OPS that would be a responsible steward for the brand, its contributors, and the ideas behind it. By the time it became part of the portfolio owned by Film School Rejects publisher Neil Miller (hey, that’s me), the account’s Twitter following had already grown to over 175,000 followers.

Over the almost four years that I’ve been at the helm of One Perfect Shot, I’ve invested a lot of time and effort in understanding its success and the value it has in the lives of its followers. And while there are a wide variety of reasons why someone may follow us via any of our channels, there’s a common trait that our most passionate followers have. It’s something that I believe we all share — you, me, Geoff, and hundreds of thousands of other people online.

We’re fans of the work.

We obsess over every scene, every frame, and every filmmaking technique. We’re often attracted to sophisticated, detail-oriented filmmaking and storytelling. We love filmmakers who use the entire frame, regardless of their medium. And most of all, we love learning about the craft of filmmaking. Whether it’s the director’s commentary track on a home video release, a deep-dive essay that explains a filmmaking technique, a thoughtful video essay, or a conversation with anyone who works on set, we are always seeking to learn about how the things we love are made.

We also appreciate the complexity and collaborative nature of creating any kind of filmed media. Even the smallest production is a group effort, a creative journey that requires a team of people, each with their own unique skills and expertise. When they succeed on their journey, they often arrive at that One. Perfect. Shot.

As we continue to grow, thanks to the hundreds of thousands of amazing people who have supported us on social media, we’re trying to create new spaces that allow us to dive deeper into the filmmaking process and tell you more of the stories behind the moments you love.

That’s what you will find in this newsletter — deep dives from talented writers and filmmakers who we’ve always admired, in-depth conversations, as well as updates from the humans behind the One Perfect Shot project.

If you’re interested, click the Subscribe now button below and give us your email address. When we’re ready to launch, you’ll hear from us. The newsletter will always include a Free weekly edition, each featuring an in-depth essay. Thanks to the platform built by the folks at Substack, where this newsletter is being hosted, we may look to add bonus content, community features, and even some podcast content for paying subscribers in the future.

But first, we’re going focus on connecting with our most-passionate readers directly for free every week.

Subscribe above to get full access to the free newsletter and the archive (once we get rolling). The weekly version will always be free. We’re excited to show you what we’ve been working on and don’t want you to miss a thing.

Our interest in your data

Keeping your personal data safe and private is important to us. We have personal data, too, so we understand that handing over your email address is no small thing. That is one of the primary reasons why we choose Substack and why our promise to you is that your data will not be sold off to a third party, nor will it be used for any reason other than to send you newsletters on behalf of One Perfect Shot. We value each and every one of our readers and will do everything in our power to keep your information private and secure.


One Perfect Shot
Fans of the work.